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Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions:

PokerSuns.com is operated by Games & More B.V. with its registered office at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curaçao (the ‘Company’).
The company operates under the License No. 1668/JAZ granted by the Government of Curacao, Sub-Licence No: 12597226
When you use the Company’s gambling services either via the Internet Platform or an Alternative Platform, the Terms of Service shall apply to such use to such extent as is applicable to the circumstances.
In addition to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy that you should review, your use of the Company’s gambling services is strictly subject to all additional rules which shall apply from time to time to the type of gambling services which you are using, including, but not limited to, the “Security and Ecology Agreement”, the “Withdrawal Policy”, the “Responsible Gaming Policy” together the “PokerSuns Rules”) in each case as updated from time to time. The Terms of Service together with the Privacy Policy and the PokerSuns Rules, which are deemed to be an integral part here of, constitute a binding legal document between you and the Company (together the “User Agreement”).

By registering with the Company and/or by using the Company’s gambling services and/or by marking the “I accept these Terms and Conditions” box (or any other similar wording) and/or by downloading, installing or using the Software, you agree to be bound by the User Agreement in its entirety and without reservation. As such, the User Agreement constitutes a binding legal document between you and the Company and the Agreement shall govern your use of our gambling services at all times.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are giving your consent to take part in the live stream, online broadcasting, and any future publicity that PokerSuns chooses to use during and after the conclusion of the events. All PokerSuns events, especially tournaments, are reported on multiple online and social media platforms with all results published with the players’ nicknames in PokerSuns, finishing positions, played-hands and pay-outs in the events.
The Company’s software, which is available in either downloadable via either the Internet Platform or an Alternative Platform (the “Software”), allows you to use our gambling services (the “Services”). The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify, remove or add to the Services or Software in its sole discretion with immediate effect and without notice. The Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any changes made and you shall have no claims against the Company in such regard.
You shall access the Software and use the Services only via your own account and you may never access the Software or use the Services by means of another person’s account. Should you attempt to use the Services by means of any other person’s account, we will be entitled to immediately close all your accounts, retain all monies in such accounts and bar you from future use of the Services.
If deemed applicable, the Company may decide in its sole discretion to prevent multiple accounts being registered or used by you or by anyone from the same family or living in the same household. The Company shall not be responsible in any way for preventing the registration of multiple accounts, but can take action, including retaining all monies in such accounts, on any person opening multiple accounts as required, including but not limited to situations where accounts are registered from the same household, regardless of the registration details provided at the time of opening such accounts.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

If you do not agree to any of the provisions of the User Agreement you should immediately stop using the Software and remove the Software from your computer and/or any other applicable device.
We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any of the terms and conditions of the User Agreement from time to time and we will notify you of any such amendment, modification or change by publishing the new version of the User Agreement on the relevant page of www.pokersuns.com. Any modified version of the User Agreement will take effect 7 days after its publication on the Internet Site or earlier if required by any applicable law, regulation or directive and your continued use of the Services or the Software after the aforementioned period will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes to the User Agreement. It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the correct, current terms and conditions of the User Agreement and we advise you to check for updates on a regular basis. PLEASE NOTE: We take our responsibilities in relation to your privacy exceedingly seriously and therefore changes to the Privacy Policy are strictly subject to the modification provisions found therein.


Compliance with Laws

Internet gambling may not be legal in some jurisdictions. You understand and accept that the Company is unable to provide you with any legal advice or assurances in respect of your use of the Services and the Company makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in your jurisdiction. Please verify the relevant laws in your jurisdiction before registering with the Company and using the Services.
The Services are intended only for users who are not prohibited by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction from gambling on the Internet. The Company does not intend to enable you to contravene applicable law. You represent, warrant and agree to ensure that your use of the Software and the Services will comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. The Company shall not be responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Software and/or the Services by you. Please consult legal counsel in the applicable jurisdiction if you have any doubts about the legality of your use of the Software and the Services under the laws of any jurisdiction that applies to you. By accepting these terms, you agree to assist the Company, to the extent you are able, with its compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Restricted Countries
Due to the fact that there are many laws on gambling in different countries, including online poker and the risks associated with political instability and the threat of terrorism, the PokerSuns Network currently does not accept players who reside, reside or usually reside in a number of countries and jurisdictions.
As a rule, if a potential player cannot find his country of residence in the list of countries available during the registration process, this means that PokerSuns will not be able to accept him as a player, therefore this person will not be able to access the products and services of the PokerSuns Network.
PokerSuns reserves the right to periodically amend the list of countries with restricted access.

Permitted Participation
No-one under the age of 18 or the age of legal consent for engaging in the activities included in the Services under the laws of any jurisdiction, whichever is higher (“Legally of Age”) may download the Software or use the Services under any circumstances and any person not Legally of Age who downloads the Software or uses the Services will be in breach of the terms of the User Agreement. The Company reserves the right to request proof of age at any stage, to verify that persons not Legally of Age are not using the Services. The Company may terminate your account and/or exclude you from using the Software or the Services if proof of age is not provided by you or if the Company suspects that you are not Legally of Age. The Company reserves the right to withhold any funds in your account until your age is verified.
We reserve the right to verify your registration details, such as name, address, age, and payment methods used, at any time, by requesting certain documents. These documents shall typically include an identity card, proof of address such as a utility bill, and proof of your payment method, and can be uploaded through the Cashier. If deemed necessary, we may request that the said document copies are notarized, meaning that the documents are stamped and attested by a Public Notary. In the event our requests for documents are not completed by the member, the Company may at its sole discretion terminate the account, and withhold any funds that are present therein. Should the documents fail our internal security checks – for example, if we suspect that they have been tampered with, or are in any way provided to mislead or misrepresent – we shall be under no obligation to accept such documents as valid, and under no obligation to provide feedback on the exact nature of our findings with regards to these documents.
We reserve the right to perform background checks on any member and request any relevant documentation, for any reason, including (but not limited to) any investigation into the identity of the member, any credit checks performed on the member, or any enquiries into the member’s personal history. The basis for such investigations will be dependent on the specific case, but could include (but is not limited to) verification of the member’s registration details, such as the name, address and age, verification of the member’s financial transactions, financial standing, and/or gaming activity. The Company is under no obligation to advise the member of such an investigation taking place. Such activities may include the use of specific third party companies, who perform the investigations as required. The Company may decide at its sole discretion to terminate a member’s account, and withhold all funds in such account, on the basis that such an investigation provides a negative or uncertain conclusion.
During their engagement period and for a period of 24 months thereafter, no officer, director, employee, consultant or agent of the Company or any other company within its group of companies or its suppliers, vendors or white label partners is permitted to use the Services directly or indirectly, nor is any supplier or vendor. This restriction also applies to relatives of such persons and for this purpose ‘relative’ includes, but is not limited to, any of a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.

Cookie Policy:

Like most websites, we use cookies to a limited extent to enhance the user experience and provide customization and useful features to our website and products. We also use standard analytics software to allow us to see how our customers are interacting with the site in aggregate.
Since we are able to collect this data on you, we want to be as clear as possible about how we collect the data, what we collect and most importantly, what we do with it. The aim is to provide you the customer, with as much transparency and control as possible. What we should make clear from the start is that we DO NOT sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we pass the information on to anyone else.
So what are ‘cookies’? Well, a ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information stored on your web-browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari) which allows your web-browser to remember specific information about a website or webpage.
This ‘cookie’ provides us with useful information related to visitors to our website such as, if you’re a unique visitor or if you have been to our website before. The time you spent visiting our website and which particular page you spent the longest time on, allowing us to calculate the average length of time users spend on our website. Also, how did you find your way to our website, via a search engine or from a direct link.
With this information, we can see where our website is working and where it is not. An example could be that we have very few unique (new) visits from customers but we do see that those who have visited us before, do so again.
When we ask for your data it’s to give you something back
Knowing something more about you, our customer, helps us give you more of what you want. More exclusive offers, more of what you like, more information and more control…
What’s the pick of our bonuses and offers? What’s the right offer that you want? Get exclusive online offers and the opportunity to try the latest games and products from PokerSuns.
We are clear on what data we hold and what we do (or don’t do) with it. We work continuously to develop clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand terms and conditions and promotions.
We use information on how users use our websites and applications to understand how we can improve them and the content they hold. By understanding which promotions, products and offers you like, we can recommend others that you might also like. We will also use this knowledge to create more promotions and offers big and small that we think you’ll love.
You control the data we have
We recognize that personal information is valuable and needs to be treated with care. As we mentioned previously, we will NEVER sell it to anyone and we won’t clutter your email with stuff you don’t want.
If you don’t want to continue to receive relevant targeted advertising via our website and via newsletters after you have closed your account, we recommend that you also delete any cookies set on your web browser.
What if my cookies are blocked – Unblock them!
With cookies disabled, the website will restrict and disallow you from maximizing your product experience and in some cases may disallow you from taking part completely. For example, with cookies blocked the website will forget your login information producing an inconvenient user experience requiring that you enter the same information multiple times. Such situations indicate that you may have overdone cookie blocking and certain cookies may need to be unblocked.
Unblocking cookies from your web browser will allow you to fully realize the brand experience including the latest casino games, poker tournaments, website promotions and the best offers customized just for you.
The cookies we use
We use several cookies on our site, we use these cookies to:

  • Run functionality on site optimally by tracking your activity and making sure the content and data you see is personalised and correct.
  • Remember browsing activity, browser used, device type and preferred products to present you with the content relevant for you.
  • Provide you with correct information depending on your entry point on site, such as through a search engine or affiliate network.
  • Remember promotions you were interested in to provide you with relevant content based on your preferences.
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